Lord of Sealand

Arrange a "Photograph Party" with your friends or family.

You can now earn some spare cash in the comfort of your own home with friends and family.
This is how it works:- You arrange with Friends and Family for a portrait sitting in your own home.
Any time, morning, afternoon or evening.

You bring your own makeup, clothes, and hair care.
You can relax by being pampered with each other and trying out various looks and styles.
I will then take a number of photographs of you and / or your friends once you have done the makeup and styles.

Once the photographs have been taken I will arrange to meet up again within a few days to show you the pictures.

You can then choose which one(s) you would like to order.
The cost of each sizes will be sent to you BEFORE you arrange the party so you know exactly what they will cost.

The Party Organiser arranges collection of the money ( less her commission for the party - normally 10% ) and I deliver the prints within a few days.
NO MONEY will change hands until you receive the final copies.

You could have a beautiful portrait photograph to give to your partner or have one taken of your parents to remember them for ever.
Any style or type can be taken - the choice is yours.

The only cost of a party is £35.00 to cover my time and expenses plus any photographs ordered after the shoot.

  A Birthday Party or Anniversary